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The KIKA Method - The luxurious way to stretch

Kika Stretch Studios home of, The KIKA Method ® ,is a form of passive stretching in which an external force exerts upon the limb to move it into the new position. This is in contrast to active stretching. Passive stretching resistance is normally achieved through the force of gravity on the limb or on the body weighing down on it. We don't use tables or straps to stretch our clients. The alignment of your body is better maintained, while lying down on a mat, placed on the floor. The purpose of stretching is relaxation, so the body must lie in a completely relaxed state.

"I feel energized, discomfort free and energetic, after my KIKA Method Sessions."- Jason Saun
Are you tired of feeling discomfort within your body? Do you feel tightness inside your muscles that won't go away? Are you looking for a way to reduce stress? Looking for a way to prevent injury? The KIKA Method ® is your solution


Especially formulated for dry and sensitive skin

Flexability by Kika is perfect for a soothing massage after a long day of work, working out, and life’s stressors. Spray 3 times onto areas and massage into skin for 15 seconds, using small circular motions. Body: After working out, spray 3 sprays of Flexability by Kika Stretching oil blend on your knees, legs, and feet. Gently massage into skin for 15 seconds

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The KIKA Method® is a new life changing program that provides much more than flexibility. Our clients receive the benefits of less stress, less discomfort within the body, improved posture and an overall feeling of extreme relaxation. The KIKA Method® is a form of assisted stretching and relaxation therapy that overrides the body's defense mechanism, preventing harmful hormones from negatively effecting the body. Some methods of stretching try to fight the defense mechanism while stretching; we overcome it. Overcoming the body's defense mechanism allows our clients to receive mental clarity, tension free bodies, enhanced flexibility, stress relief and an increase in energy. The muscles never truly relax while engaged. Our yoga method gives your body a chance to truly relax and release unnecessary tension that it's been holding for years. We don't use any uncomfortable tables or straps to perform our sessions, just our healing hands.

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Founder and Creator

Hakika V. DuBose is the owner of Kika Stretch Studios and creator of The KIKA Method™ which is revolutionizing the world of stretching, Hakika (Kika) opened the world's first stretching studio in 2011. The KIKA Method is built upon Ms. DuBose's training in dance, personal training, yoga, the Alexander technique, Laban movement analysis and advanced anatomy. Her stretch coaches and yoga instructors are thoroughly trained in her techniques of unlocking flexibility.

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