This Just In – You’re Probably Stretching Wrong!


We found another article in the news about stretching, and it mentions Power Stretch Studios. Do you know the correct way to stretch? According to the new article put out by Metro, not many people are stretching correctly.  The answer to the question “how do you stretch correctly” is “with one of our qualified stretch coaches of course”! The article highlights Power Stretch Studios with a quote from Hakika DuBose describing The KIKA Method®. Hakika is quoted in the article and explains how to stretch properly in order to avoid muscle injury:


Stretch to relax your muscles, not strain them more.

The definition of muscle tone is a constant contraction in the muscle, she explains. Your muscles are clenching and tight, and you never release the muscle. You need some kind of balance, something to counter that. Inactivity is another culprit. As we age, our bodies start to become restricted in the form we’re currently in: your body creates a cast based on what you do for a living or your hobbies,” she explains. Stretching helps you reset, break free of that.

Stretching is the latest trend in the fitness industry. Here at Power Stretch Studios, we’ve known this all along and it’s not new to us. Hakika DuBose, the founder and owner of Power Stretch Studios developed The KIKA Method® in 20011, six years before the media has started focusing on this new trend. I’d says she was way ahead of the game and a pioneer of the assisted stretching method. Book your appointment online or call one of our studios today. All new clients get a 10% off discount applied to their session.