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Stretching . A Mandatory Addition to Your Lifestyle.

In a recent media piece , the topic of discussion was to stretch or not to stretch? This has been a constant debate in recent years. Most articles only focus on static and dynamic stretching . The type of stretching that actually benefits the body is The Kika Method ®  . Your body must be

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Unique Path to Success

    On the path to success, many people try to emulate what other people have done. What if I told you that the tools you need are already in front of you? What if you could find the key to your success within you. You can! Each of us were born with something that

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Are You Preparing for the Golf Season?

Are you preparing for the golf season? Let us handle the stretching for you. Take your game to the next level with The Kika Method® of stretching. Contact us today, to find out how we can handle your country club events. Email:


NEW CLIENT SPECIAL Did you know that we are the only KIKA Method® location in the Westfield area? The KIKA Method®, is a form of passive stretching in which an external force (our talented stretch coaches) exerts upon the limb to move it into the new position. Visit us at New clients, get 10%

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Spring into Flexibility!

Welcome to the first day of spring! Set some goals of what you’d like to accomplish with this new season. Here are some attainable goals: 1. Do some type of exercise every day 2. Eat healthier foods, skip unhealthy choices 3. Get more sleep (we’re working on that one too!) 4. Eat breakfast each morning

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Attention Golfers! Flexibility is Important for Your Golf Game

Stretching before your golf game is important for a number of reasons. Stretching helps get your muscles loose and relaxed. Flexibility is important for your golf game because it helps make better swings. Stretching helps you avoid injury. Pulled muscles usually occur when muscles are not loose. One of the most important parts of your

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T-Shirts Now Available at Westfield Location

Our motto at Power Stretch Studios is Life is short. Stretch it out.™ We have a new supply of our t-shirts now available at the Power Stretch Studios in Westfield. We are stocked with sizes small to 1X and they are $25 each. Get one while they last. They are black cotton t-shirts and are

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Life is Short. Stretch It Out.™

In Memory of Leslie Ford   A few months ago, a close family member died suddenly within five hours.  His death impacted me deeply and I struggled to find understanding.  People have often asked, why should I stretch.  I always list the benefits and tell them how our program will benefit their health.  One day,

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I Start My Day with Foam

I Start My Day with Foam (You will still need a stretching routine) Do you wake up with your neck and back as stiff as a board? Do you feel like a mummy, getting out of bed? When was the last time you touched your back? No seriously. When? Most people can barely put soap

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Endorphin High, Now Available!

“It’s the presence of endorphins in the system that suppresses the cravings.” – Laurie Peterson Stretching my tight hip, after my morning fitness class, I entered a state of pure euphoric bliss. I experienced  a moment where I didn’t want to move as I didn’t want to disrupt the rush of ecstasy that was being

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