The KIKA Method™ – Stretching for Tennis

7210410_orig   Stretching is a magic potion for tennis players.  With so much overuse of the joints, shoulders, hips and spine, the tennis player needs a proper stretch program to properly recover and maintain range of motion.  I have worked closely with a top tennis player to develop “The KIKA Method” stretching for tennis program.  The KIKA Method tennis program helps address the major muscle groups used in tennis and helps the player play better than ever before.

There are 3 major areas that need a great amount of attention on the tennis players body.  They are the shoulders, hips and lower back.  Imaging playing tennis for several hours and constantly contracting and releasing the same muscle groups over and over.  Your body will begin to build up tension in the muscles and hold it inside your body.  Built up tension held in the muscles is how most injuries occur.
After playing a game of tennis, you must always spend a good amount of time passively stretching the muscles to release tension and start with a clean slate the next time you play.  Your shoulders must always remain relaxed and away from your ears as you play.  Hiking your shoulders up by your ears creates tension in your neck and upper back.  One way to release unnecessary tension in the shoulders: Clasp your hands behind your back and pull your hands up towards the ceiling without leaning forward.  Keep your shoulders down away from your ears and keep your head lifted nice and tall. The looser the hips and lower back, the better the tennis serve.  Stretching the hips and lower back sends a healthy amount of blood to the overused areas and helps those areas regenerate.

A customized stretching program can add vitality to your tennis game and create a new tension-free body.  We all will experience muscle groups being overused depending on our jobs, recreational activities and habits.  The key is to stretch and send a fresh supply of blood to the areas we are over using.
Stretch long, live long.  Stretch long, play long.

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