Cross Stretch – The Improved Mobility Program for Gyms

8645081   It happened again!  You’ve done your best dead lift of all time and suddenly you hear a crunch.  You’ve thrown off the alignment of your spine and now your disk is directly lying on top of a nerve, causing an extreme amount of pain.  Back to the doctor you go!  Even correct form, puts a load of stress on your body.  Does rolling on foam rollers and balls take away all of the tension, that’s locked inside of your body? No. Let’s talk more!

So what do you do?  You pull out the foam rollers, you press, shake , and massage your tight muscles.  Foam Rollers are an excellent method of recovery for your fascia, but what about injury prevention for your muscles?  ” Foam rolling does not increase the length of the tissues being rolled.  In order to have the foam roller actually change the length of the tissue, you would have to be able to apply a force into the tissue at an angle closer to that of the fiber alignment . ” says Dean Somerset .  The KIKA Method not only  applies force at an angle closer to the fiber alignment, but it also increases the range of motion of the muscle,  helping to preventing injury. It’s not about helping injuries heal, but also about helping to prevent injury from happening

Many facilities know what static stretching is, but they don’t know or understand the power of passive stretching.  Dancers have used passive stretching for years!  .  Power Stretch Studios- Home of The KIKA Method has been spreading the power of passive stretching to the public over the last 4 years.  The KIKA Method stretch coach acts in place of gravity and continues to slowly “add the stretch” by following your bodies lead.
Breathing works in conjunction with your nervous system.  The rate at which you are breathing will either rev up the nervous system, or calm it down.  We help your nervous system function better, by following your natural pattern of breath. You can only go so far on your own.  KIKA Method practitioners act as gravity and help passively stretch your muscles to a new level each session. Our sessions not only help you become more flexible, but they help soothe, mend and heal your body.

Why Decompress?
Your body forms into the shape of a box, if you do not extend the muscles on a consistent basis and enhance your range of motion. It is a good idea to extend the muscles to help relieve the constant compression muscles face on a day to day basis.  Muscles shorten and blood does not properly flow throughout the body.  The definition of tone is a constant contraction in the muscle.  It is great to have tone, but if your muscles never get a chance to relax, you loose range of motion and the ability to move discomfort free.  The best way to give comfort to contracted muscles is to passively stretch them after physical activity.  If you don’t stretch, you’ll shrink

Continue foam rolling, because it has a wonderful effect on the connective tissue in the body, but you must also incorporate a full body program that will  help decompress the entire body.   When you stretch on your own, you only go so far.  You aren’t able to effectively increase your range of motion to a new level, because you keep stretching to the same point over and over again.  Facilities use a program like the KIKA Method to help their clients elongate their muscles and reach superior results. If you don’t stretch, you’ll shrink.  Is your current stretch program helping you get to a new and heightened level each time?

In Stretch !


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