Endorphin High, Now Available!

551962“It’s the presence of endorphins in the system that suppresses the cravings.” – Laurie Peterson

Stretching my tight hip, after my morning fitness class, I entered a state of pure euphoric bliss. I experienced  a moment where I didn’t want to move as I didn’t want to disrupt the rush of ecstasy that was being erupted within my body. What was this amazing feeling that overwhelmed me? Endorphins.

Endorphins are a type of chemical within the brain that transmit electrical signals within the nervous system . Studies have shown that the release of endorphins can be more powerful than morphine .  Stretching at least one time per week, can help the body experience these benefits. Some of the benefits of the secretion of endorphins include, Reduction of stress, a sense of euphoria ,self esteem boost, and  an overall improvement in circulation.

Choose stretching over Cupcakes

Most people don’t realize that they can receive this high, from being stretched. Not only does stretching help improve the physical components of your body, but it also helps improve your mental state. Cupcakes and good food, send your taste buds in overdrive , so you feel a rush of warm happy feelings. Having an assisted stretching session sends those same feelings throughout your entire body, without the added calories.

We Help You Use it, So You Don’t Lose It
What if you could depend on endorphins to reduce pain, fear, depression, and improve your sleeping pattern at night?  Yes, most of our clients come to our studios to become more flexible and to release pain, but a large majority come, to experience this euphoric high, that sends your brain to a happy place.   Allowing your body to relax, while we stretch your muscles, gives your body a break from the stress and wear and tear that it’s been through.

Life is short stretch it out!

It’s our job to do all we can to improve our quality of life. We must be good to our bodies and constantly find ways to heal both our body and mind. Be the best  version of yourself at all times. You deserve it.  For more information on The KIKA Method and how you can experience a similar endorphin release, visit www.powerstretchstudios.com or email kika@powerstretchstudios.com

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