Life is Short. Stretch It Out.™

In Memory of Leslie Ford

  A few months ago, a close family member died suddenly within five hours.  His death impacted me deeply and I struggled to find understanding.  People have often asked, why should I stretch.  I always list the benefits and tell them how our program will benefit their health.  One day, I was at the gym and it all hit me.  Life is Short.  Stretch it Out!  Tomorrow is never promised and we never know just how much time we have left on this  earth.  It does us justice to do everything in our power to take care of our bodies and do the best we can to preserve what we have.  Stretching is not the golden ticket to eternal life, but it is a key component in heart health.

Are you as stiff  as your arteries?  

A new study directly coorelates trunk flexibility with arterial flexibility.  The study found that people with tight midsections reflect arteries that have begun to close and have lost their elasticity.  We all know that regular exercise is one of the most crucial keys to maintaining a healthy heart, but what aspect of exercise benefits us the most?  A study has been published in the American Journal of Physiology in a search to find out what exactly why the heart benefits from exercise.  The study suggests that enhanced flexibility, due to regular exercise, may be the key factor to heart health.  There  you have it ladies and gentlemen.  Stretching is a key component  to heart health.  What happens if you have help increasing  your flexibility, beyond regular exercise? That’s where The KIKA Method ™ comes in.

Stretch beyond your current limit

One of the reasons people are unable to increase their flexibility, is because they do not work towards it’s development. Researchers found that those who could not reach to or beyond their toes in the sit-and-stretch test were more likely than their flexible peers to have higher systolic blood pressure . When people stretch on their own, they usually stretch to the same point each time, never getting past their current flexibility level. When you stretch with a Kika Method professional, we are able to guide you gently past your current limitation in a euphoric and discomfort free way.  Each time you have a session at our studio, you will be able to become more flexible.  Not only will you become more flexible, you will also experience what it feels like to have a euphoric endorphin rush and a body free of built up tension. “Together with our results, these findings suggest a possibility that improving flexibility induced by the stretching exercise may be capable of modifying age-related arterial stiffening in middle-aged and older adults,” says Dr. Yamamoto .

Bring life and youth to your brain and body.

A Japanese study has shown that people who incorporated a regular stretching program into their weekly routine, significantly improved the flexibility of their carotid arteries.  The carotid arteries are the blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood to the head, brain and face. They are located on each side of the neck. Having someone gently stretch the muscles around your neck and  shoulders, helps send oxygen to your brain, helping your whole body function more effectively than before.  When you stretch using The Kika Method, you are reaching beyond your current limitations, sending more oxygen to your brain than you could on your own , and pumping life back into your heart.

It is very important to exercise, but exercise, without an efficient stretching program may lead to stiff arteries, which sometimes can lead to an ischemic stroke, due to blocked arteries.  Many of our clients say that they feel a weight being lifted off of their shoulders after one session.  “I feel like i’m in a state of euphoria after my Kika Method ™ sessions, and feel my neck moving more freely than before.”- Ana Mclain. There is no magic pill for eternal life, but there are things you can do to help your body live in the best atmosphere possible. Stretch Long. Live Long.  

Now are you ready to stretch?