Power Stretch Studios is Very Proud to Share Some Exciting News!

NY Times copy

We are very proud to announce that The New York Time’s Business Entrepreneurship section has just featured an article about how “stretching is the new big thing in fitness”. It features an interview with our very own Hakika V. DuBose, the owner of Power Stretch Studios. Please join us in congratulating Hakika on being part of this fitness fad that is clearly very popular and here to stay.

How Old Are You in Stretch Years?
The New York Times article mentioned the “stretch age”. Come and find out how your human age differs form your stretch age. After a session most clients gain at least 2 inches of flexibility and the benefits are immediate. Call today for an appointment, or book online. Discover your what your “stretch age” is. One of our amazing stretching coaches will help your become more flexible than you have in years.

Read the full article here.