Commercial #1- Kika Method™ Formation

video screen shot 1

We are excited to share Power Stretch Studio’s first commercial. Please remember that The Kika Method™  is only offered at select studios across the country.  Please visit our website to view the location nearest you. Watch this video to learn how The Kika Method™ of assisted stretching was formed by Hakika V DuBose in 2011.  Hakika started her business with just a small shared office with a realtor and really took off from there.

How truly inspiring is Hakika DuBose of Power Stretch Studios? She started out with very little and has already grown her business from the ground up with two studio locations in New Jersey, one in NYC and yet another in Florida. Please watch this video about her and The Kika Method™. We’re very proud of your accomplishments Hakika and we look forward to Power Stretch Studios continued growth and success in the years to come.

Life is Short. Stretch it Out. ™