Power Stretch Studios is in The News Again!

NJ Monthly 2

We were recently visited by Shelby Vittek from New Jersey Monthly Magazine. She wrote an article about her experience at the Power Stretch Studios Westfield location where she had her very first stretch session with Hakika DuBose. Her flexibility level was measured before her session to obtain her Kika Stretch Age™.  At the end of the session, we measured her Kika Stretch Age™ again and she gained 1.5 inches of flexibility in just one session. Great job Shelby! New clients are always amazed at how quickly they can see their flexibility level increase.

Here is an excerpt of the article and we encourage you to read it in its entirety here.

I recently visited the Westfield location for my first stretch session with Hakika. I filled out a brief medical history, and together we talked about the areas of my body I was feeling pain, tightness or both. Like many of Power Stretch Studios’ clients, I spend a good deal of my workday hunched over my keyboard, which leads to tension and soreness in my neck and shoulders.

Before getting started, I was measured in “stretch years,” which involved sitting on a mat with my legs extended and reaching as far as I comfortably could to my toes. From there, Hakika stretched me in various positions, assisting me in holding poses I wouldn’t be able to do on my own. Throughout the session, she reminded me to breathe, which calmed me while the tension in my muscles was released. At the end of the session, she measured my stretch years again; I gained 1.5 inches of flexibility in just one session.

As someone who lives alone, without anyone to help me hold certain stretches, I can easily see the appeal of Power Stretch Studios. I felt release in muscles in my neck and back almost immediately and left my appointment with an endorphin high.

We look forward to seeing you again Shelby. And we also encourage new clients to make an appointment to find out what YOUR Kika Stretch Age™ is and how quickly it can be improved. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you see the benefits of The Kika Method™ including less muscle pain and an immediate increase in energy. See you soon!