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It’s a unique story that creates a brand . Here’s Mine.
“You are the brand!” My friend Steve Adubato would say. The question is what defines your brand? Is it a strict corporate outlook of mechanical systems or the organic magic that helped create the brand in the first place . As you try to define your business and what makes you unique, you try so hard to figure out exactly what makes you stand out from the crowd. After being on an entrepreneurial journey, you realize it’s your path that defines your brand and its culture. As long as you stay true to it, you’ll convey the true message of your story .

The best brands are developed overtime and their growth cannot be scheduled or timed . The brands quality is a true reflection of not only it’s leader’s business ability, but also it’s leaders ability to truly live up to the brands standards .

It wasn’t until the fire at our Montclair studio that I truly learned how to let go and allow life to expedite my growth as The Kika Method® brand owner. The assisted aspect of our brand The Kika Method ® , asks the client to let go and allow the coach to guide them through the stretch. In this case, my coach was life. I learned to let go of not only complete control but of all things inconsistent with the message of the brand.

As I approached my 6th year in business, my main and first studio caught on fire. Instead of preparing a grand celebration for the brands 6th year in business, I had to quickly think of a plan to reverse the devastation inflicted upon regular clients, my staff, and myself. Standing in front of the building, watching the flames drift out, a man stood next to me and shrieked, “I just bought a 10 pack of stretching sessions!” At this point, I knew this business was beyond me and that I had to figure out an immediate plan for our clients. Three days later, I found a temporary space down the street. We were still in business. Someone stole our computer and other items from our temporary location. A flood overwhelmed the space we were in and we were forced to cut down to just one day per week within the temporary space.

Eight months later, we are preparing to get back into our Montclair location to resume regular business, any day now. Today PSE&G is turning the lights on in the space and it looks better than it ever did before. What has this all taught me? Resilience.

When you’re stripped of everything, there is your brand. It’s the journey of the entrepreneur that creates the brand. I now begin to share my brand story with you . We are changing our studio name to Kika Stretch Studios ® as we define who we truly are as a business. We provide much more than just a flexibility program. Our method, The Kika Method®. taps into all of the tension that has been trapped inside of your body for years and gently releases it. What are you left
with? Your true self. The person you were always meant to be. Free of unnecessary tension and discomfort. Free to be yourself.

The Kika Method® connects life and stretching. In life, you must free yourself of negative thoughts, habits, and people in order to truly live up to your fullest potential. When you have a Kika Method ® session, you must relax and let go of tension physically and mentally, in order to receive the optimal stretch. We teach you how to physically let go and your mind does the rest.

Stay tuned for more posts and please leave your comments to begin the conversation. I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Life is Short. Stretch it out ®

© Copyright Hakika DuBose, 2017

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