Lifeshops- The honest attempt to reach our goals vs. attaining them.

In today’s world,  the attempt to reach what’s labeled as “perfection “ is questionable. We are told to be happy, eat healthy, and be nice to people. Sure these things are all important, but what does the process of successfully doing that look like?

What if the honest attempt to reach our goals was in fact perfection. All of our fallbacks and setbacks would all be looked at as acceptable, rather than being condoned. Well ladies and gentlemen, we at Kika Stretch Studios believe that you are perfect just the way you are. We help you reach your own type of perfection and encourage you along the way.

Lifeshops are educational series that provide our local communities with useful and current information. Our idea behind these lifeshops, is to engage the communities we are in and help the individuals we see, Stretch Life out. Our series include topics  on nutrition, mental health, and much much more. We will be live streaming these events so please like our “Kika Stretch studios” Facebook page, to stay current.

A new element that we have added into our studios is nutrition. We are offering our local communities with vegan and gluten free products that can  help reset your body both  internally and externally. Look out for  our next blog, to find out more about our new Arbonne products. For more information about the line we carry and to shop, CLICK HERE