Unique Path to Success




On the path to success, many people try to emulate what other people have done. What if I told you that the tools you need are already in front of you? What if you could find the key to your success within you. You can! Each of us were born with something that no one else has. The goal is to use your unique talent, passion, and knowledge to create a way to help others around you. In return, you will find your path. What you do, must help people, or else it will ultimately flop.

Spend Time With Yourself

One of the biggest things that takes us off of our path is distraction. Society tells us to rush from one activity to the other and we lose focus of ourselves. Spend time partaking in activities that force you to create organic thoughts, derived directly from your brain, not from an outside force. Activities that will help you hone in on yourself include exercising, reading, meditating, and writing. Create a space in time, where you can map out your path, using your heart and your mind. Get a notebook to keep with you and write down thoughts and ideas.

You are the Vibes You Keep!

Surrounding yourself with positive environments and people is essential when trying to reach success.  Some situations are unavoidable, but you can concentrate on those that are avoidable.  Place yourself around friends and family members who will lift you up and help you become a better person.  Environments are similar to rejuvenation stations.  If you selectively place yourself in an environment that is filled with negative people and energy, you will leave reaping of those vibes and not be positively recharged.  You will feel drained and depleted. Instead, ask yourself, what will I get out of being in this place? Will I benefit from being present? What will I gain from this experience?  If the answers do not match up with your goals and path? Do not go.

Follow your passion!

Life is too short to be boring. The goal of life is to find what makes you passionate and use that to help others.  The tricky part is discovering exactly what your passion is.  My mother used to always tell me  ” The thing you want to do, but are afraid to tell others about, is what you were put on this earth to do.” Fear stops many people from accomplishing goals and surpassing obstacles. Fear is false evidence appearing real.  Stop telling yourself that you can’t do something and become your number one cheerleader.  You have to be the one who encourages yourself to move forward on a daily basis. There were days where I literally prayed for God to give me strength to wake up and be productive.  Don’t rely on others to do it for you, because their belief in you will never be as strong as your belief in yourself.


I am amazing! I am smart!  No one is just like me, because I am special.  I have a purpose.  I can do great things.  I’ve got this! Say it until you believe it.  It sounds hokey, but its real.  It’s similar to watching a TV show. What you hear, you tend to believe.  What are you saying about yourself and are you believing it?

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