Lying Knees to Chest

As more of a recovery position, this exercise is good to stretch the front of the leg while releasing the hip. This stretch is great to do at any type of day, as a stress reliever as well. All you will need for this exercise is a comfortable place to lie down.

Seated Side Bend

This exercise is great if you have tight sides and hip flexors. It can be done by someone with any level of flexibility, all you will need is the space on the floor to extend your legs to the side.

Standing Side Bend

Many people hold tension in their sides, even if they are unaware of it. This stretch can be intense, so take it at a comfortable pace for you. For this stretch, you will just need the space to extend your arms fully to the side.

Neck Stretch

This stretch is great for relieving stress and pent up tension from the day. It can be done seated or standing, so you can do it anytime throughout the day when you may be feeling stressed out.

Yoga Ball Shoulder Opener

This stretch exercise is good for those with tight pec and chest muscles, from slouching or hunching forward. Many people hold tension in their chest without realizing it, and this stretch will release that tightness. For this exercise you will need a yoga ball, and space on the floor to sit.

Walking Lunges

This exercise is good for engaging and warming up the legs, along with lightly stretching the hips. It can work as a workout and a warm-up. Space is needed to walk forward in the lunges.

Forward Fold