Conversations with Kika

A brand is nothing without a unique story. Here's mine.

Shoulder Pain- Relax Your Shoulders

   Do you hold unnecessary tension in your shoulders?  Do you constantly move your neck and shoulders around, trying to release the pain you feel?  There is a simple solution to help you.  Relax your shoulders as we go over a simple exercise you can incorporate into your life. Often times, people unconsciously raise their

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The KIKA Method™ A New Form of Fitness

Fitness That Helps You Feel Euphoric What’s the point of stretching?  The Stretching is the point.  In today’s world, everything is about how fast can you go and how much can you do. When does one’s body get a chance to let go and just completely relax?  When you come to Power Stretch – Studios,   Home of The

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How Old Are You in Stretch Years?

By:  Georgette Gilmore My name is Georgette Gilmore and I’m 25 years old. I love to kick, STRETCH, and kick! That’s how I felt after visiting Power Stretch Studios in Montclair and finding out that I am 25 years old in “stretch years.” Take that almost 41 year old self! Hakika DuBose has been stretching out locals since

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