What is Muscle Tension and How Can I Relieve It?

Do you roll over in the morning and feel parts of your body spasm or ache? Or maybe you walk around all day, going about your everyday life, with chronic pain somewhere? Is the stress of your job weighing on you not just mentally, but physically? All of this can lead to, or be caused […]

Stretches for Back Pain: Upper and Lower Back Pain Drug-Free Relief

Have you been dealing with chronic back pain for years? Do you roll over in the morning and are instantly reminded of that pain you have to carry around with you every single day? Have you tried many cures but haven’t been able to find one yet, and are willing to do anything to finally […]

Stretches to Relieve Stress: Breathe Away Your Tension

Have you been feeling stressed out lately? Stretching exercises may help to relieve some of that. Stress and tension or pain in the body are more closely related than you may think. Oftentimes, when someone is feeling stress in their life, even if it is just mental, it can begin to manifest itself in your […]

I Start My Day with Foam Roller Stretches for my Back

Do you wake up with neck pain and your entire back as stiff as a board? Do you feel like a mummy, getting out of bed? When was the last time you touched your back? No seriously. When? Most people can barely put soap on their back, let alone stretch it.   Why is reaching […]

Shoulder Stretches – How to Relax and Relieve Shoulder Pain

Do you hold unnecessary tension in your tight shoulders?  Do you constantly move your neck and shoulder blades around, trying to release the pain you feel?  There is a simple solution to help you.  These shoulder stretches will help you with good posture, and relieve that tension. Relax your shoulders as we go over a […]

Cross Stretch – How to Improve Mobility Programs for Gyms

It happened again!  You’ve done your best deadlift of all time and suddenly you hear a crunch.  You’ve thrown off the alignment of your spine and now your disk is directly lying on top of a nerve, causing an extreme amount of pain.  Back to the physical therapist you go!  Even correct form, puts a […]

Getting Started With Stretching Post-Pandemic

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Whether you were an avid stretcher before the pandemic hit, or you realized the health benefits it has during your time in quarantine, and would like to get started, there are many ways to go about getting back to stretching. Stretching has many benefits that go far beyond the relaxation and relief it brings you, […]

Best Tennis Stretching Exercises: A 15 Minute Series

Are you looking to up your tennis game, but can’t figure out what you’re missing? Or maybe you have chronic tennis injuries or pain that’s inhibiting your ability to win? Your mobility and flexibility may be seriously impacting your ability to do your best in games and training. Whether you suffer from tennis elbow, rotator […]

Par Four Perfect Stretches for Golfers: Golf Stretching Exercises

With golfing season right around the corner, you wanna make sure you’re ready to get that hole in one! You may not think there is much correlation between stretching and golf, but finding the best stretches can drastically improve your golf game. Whether you have tightness, discomfort, or pain in your back, shoulder, or hips, […]