Kika Life Is Short Stretch It Out

Series 1: Release your Pain Body Through Kika Stretching In this web series we uncover how stretching can help you live your very best life! Did you know that you can find the pain hidden within your body and release the tension thats been trapped inside of your body? Watch this video to see how […]

The Kika Stretch Difference

Do you wonder what makes the Kika stretching method very unique ?  First of all, because we follow the dancers’ approach to assisted stretching. We all know that the dancers are the most flexible people.  We also do not use tables or bands, we just use our hands to add the stretch. This helps provide […]

Tips for a Quick Hip Stretch

Staying home and having an inactive lifestyle means a lot of sitting, a lot of hip tension, so here is a simple stretch for everyone, which you can do it at home bye yourselves to really open up those hip flexors. You just have to find something to hold on to with your arms, any […]

What is the Difference Between Kika Stretch and Yoga?

Believe it or not, stretching and yoga are totally different things! How does yoga work? In yoga your body is constantly contracting your muscles to hold the positions, which is not a stretch; It’s actually creating tension within your body How does stretching work? It makes you completely limp and relaxed Your muscles are completely […]

Why Stretch? The #1 Reason Why You Should Stretch!

How often do we invest in things that we want to make us happy but in return they don’t? We are all looking to live our very best lives and feel as good as possible. Stretching at Kika Stretch Studios helps release the endorphins throughout your body which are natural feel-good hormones. So why Stretching? […]

How to Breathe Away from Stress

Are you holding your breath? Is your breath happening normally? Are you aware of your breath? Usually, during times of stress, tension, and anxiety, we hold our breath, which stops the flow of blood and oxygen throughout our body. So what you want to do whenever you feel tense, stressed, or anxious: Stretching is a […]

Kika Stretch Studio Reopening Protocols

Kika Stretch Studios has always taken safety and hygiene very seriously. While we continue to follow appropriate occupational health and safety regulations every day, we’re also boosting our sanitation procedures, proceeding with extra precaution to ensure the health and safety of our clients and staff.   Read the full reopening message from your CEO – Stay […]