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Franchise With Kika Stretch

Why Own a Kika Stretch Studios Franchise?

Coined as the “newest trend in fitness” by the New York Times, Kika Stretch Studios  was created to help people move with ease, reduce stress, and improve flexibility. KIKA brings a new and exciting experience to a customer and franchise buyer, with a boutique stretching facility created for people looking to achieve mental clarity, move with ease, reduce stress, improve flexibility, or release tension.

The First Mover Advantage

Kika Stretch Studios has territorial availability across major markets — Own your local market; experience flexibility.

Extensive Support

What makes a great franchisee thrive is the support they receive from the franchisor. We will support you for the duration of your journey of opening your Kika Stretch Studios franchise.

Executive Model

Our founder scaled her first Kika Stretch Studio to what it is today using only $500. She will teach you how to scale your Kika Stretch Studios business into a model that will thrive as well.

Return on Investment

Residual income from a stretching studio? Yes! We will show you how to generate income in a flexible way.

The Franchising Process

Want to be your own boss and run a profitable business? The first step is understanding the rapidly growing opportunity. Get a deeper understanding of the Kika Method and how our model will change your customer's lives. Once customers experience your Kika Stretch Studio, they'll be coming back to your location for more!
Meet The Team
Don't make your decision all alone. Visit our Montclair, New Jersey headquarters to meet the team and get a clearer understanding of the magic of the Kika Stretch brand. See how simple our model is to grow a profitable business set for scale.
Once meeting us, go through our painless application process to set up your very own Kika Stretch Studio!
Get Approved & Get Going!
Time to open up shop! Don't worry if you've never started a franchise before. We'll give you all the training and support you'll need to grow a profitable and high-growth Kika Stretch Studio.

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Franchise with Kika Stretch