Getting Started With Stretching Post-Pandemic

Whether you were an avid stretcher before the pandemic hit, or you realized the health benefits it has during your time in quarantine, and would like to get started, there are many ways to go about getting back to stretching. Stretching has many benefits that go far beyond the relaxation and relief it brings you, and can have a large impact on your health in the future. Incorporating stretching into your life, especially after a global health pandemic, can ensure your well-being going forward. 

The Pandemics Impact on Health

Beyond the impact of Covid-19, the effects of the pandemic are left in everyone’s bodies, whether you were quarantined or an essential worker. The largest impact that the pandemic had on health, for those who were not directly impacted by Covid-19, is the stress that it put on everyone. This stress has major effects on all parts of the body. Stress can cause your muscles to tense up, which can lead to chronic pain. That chronic back pain, neck pain, or tension headaches are usually due to stress being built up over time. In addition to this, stress can have a serious impact on the immune system, which we all need to be strengthening right now. 

Effects of Stretching on Health

While stretching has many benefits, not stretching can negatively impact your health. Although it may not seem like it, stretching is incredibly important to maintaining your health and your youth. We all know that stretching improves flexibility, but why is that important? Having flexible muscles and joints allows for a fuller range of motion, and improves posture. It can also help to prevent injury, and reduce any soreness you are feeling. The largest impact it has on our health is improved blood circulation. In the times of a pandemic, this is vital, as it boosts immunity and allows for our bodies to absorb the nutrients we take in. We all need for our circulation to be optimal in order to remain healthy. 

Getting Back to Stretching

Whether you have missed stretching because your studio is closed, you haven’t had the space in quarantine, or you have been busy serving your community, you are probably ready to get back to that important part of your routine. In your time away from stretching you probably have gotten tense, stiff, and have maybe even developed chronic pain. Before the pandemic, you may have had a strong stretching routine, but you must realize that your flexibility will not come back instantly. Start slowly getting back into it, and maintain consistency with a stretching routine for your body to adjust to. Kika Stretch Studios will help you in whatever capacity we can to help you to get back to that relaxation routine. 

Getting Back to Kika Stretch Studios

With businesses beginning to open up, you are probably wondering how you can get back to the most relaxing part of your weekly routine, Kika Stretch Studios. Kika Stretch Studios has fully prepared themselves at all locations by incorporating new safety protocols, cleaning methods, and of course the private stretching rooms. If you would like more information regarding how Kika Stretch Studios will be returning you can find them on Facebook at Kika Stretch Studios Franchise, on Instagram at @kika_stretch_franchise, or join our mailing list at to stay updated on your local studio! 

The Kika Method at Home

For those who would like to get started stretching now, if your closest Kika Stretch Studios franchise has not yet opened, or you are not able to leave the house yet, we have ways that you can bring The Kika Method home! For those whose studio locations have opened, we offer in-home sessions, which can allow you to remain in the safety of your home. For those whose studio locations remain closed for the time being, we will soon be providing sport and lifestyle specific stretching routines directly from The Kika Method for you to do safely at home! 

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