Dynamic Stretching Exercises

What it is? Best dynamic stretching exercises.

What it is? Best Dynamic Stretching Exercises

What are Dynamic Stretching Exercises?

Dynamic stretching exercises are a series of active movements that allow the muscles and joints to go through a full range of motion in order to warm up the body. Dynamic stretching allows you to heat and stretch the muscles at the same time, which will optimize your athletic performance. Dynamic stretching should be done before exercise, as a functional warm-up.

When to do Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretching should always be done before a workout, as it is proven to improve performance in anything from weight lifting to professional sports. Dynamic stretching is ideally done prior to any kind of exercise because it will warm you up and allow you to painlessly access your full range of motion. Dynamic stretching should not be done as a cool down or to increase flexibility, as it activates the muscles rather than really stretching them.

How Long to Hold a Dynamic Stretch

Dynamic stretches are not held at all, as they are defined by moving through positions in order to increase range of motion. Since dynamic stretching is functional towards the activity you are about to do, it should be done until that muscle group feels warmed up enough to safely complete an exercise.

An example of this might be doing arm circles before swimming. Do this dynamic stretch only until your back and arms feel warm, but not enough to exhaust yourself before you exercise.

The Best Dynamic Stretching Exercises For You

Full-Body Dynamic Stretching Exercises

Full-body dynamic stretching exercises is a routine that can be done before exercise 3-4 times a week. Here are the stretch exercise examples for a full-body stretch:

  1. Inch Worm 
  2. Page Turns
  3. Frog Walk Outs

Dynamic Stretching Exercises for Athletes

Whether you are a pre-professional or professional athlete, you will need a dynamic stretching routine tailored to you and your sport. As an athlete, you should perform your dynamic stretching routine before every workout and practice to prevent injury and improve performance. For the best results, create a routine that is up to 10 minutes of targeted stretches. Here are the stretch exercise examples if you are a professional athlete:

  1. Vinyasa Flow
  2. Walking Lunges
  3. Knee to Chest

Basic Dynamic Stretching Exercises:

Basic dynamic stretching exercises is a routine that can be done before a workout 5-6 times a week. Here are the three basic stretch exercises to add to your routine:

  1. Cat Cow
  2. Leg Swings
  3. Arm Circles

Dynamic Stretching Exercise you can do at home

Cat Cow

This is a simple exercise that can be done at any time, and is a great way to warm up and loosen the back muscles. All that is needed for this exercise is the space to kneel, and protection for your knees.

Step 1. Being on your hands and knees, with your back parallel to the ground, and your head in line with your spine.

Step 2. Drop your stomach towards the floor, arching your back and looking up to the ceiling.

Step 3. Reverse that by curving your back up towards the ceiling, and looking down towards your navel.

Step 4. Repeat this until your feel that your back has released and warmed up.