Forward Fold

Good for Flexibility and Stress Relieve

Good for Flexibility and Stress Relieve

Forward Fold Stretch, Step-By-Step

Forward Fold stretch demonstration

This exercise is great for any level of flexibility. If you have very tight hamstrings, this is a great exercise to start out with, as it will allow gravity to do the work for you. You will not need any equipment for this stretch. For the best results, repeat this stretch up to three times a day to lengthen your muscles.

Step 1. Begin by standing straight up, with your arms down by your sides.

Step 2. Start tucking your chin to your chest and rolling down towards the floor.

Step 3. Reach your arms to the floor and allow the weight of your head to drop.

Step 4. Stop when you feel a gentle stretch and continue to let gravity pull you down.

Step 5. Hold the stretch until hamstrings release.