Seated Side Bend

Good for upper back and shoulder blades.

Good for upper back and shoulder blades.

Seated Side Bend, Step-By-Step

Seated Side Bend stretch demonstration

This exercise is great if you have tight sides and hip flexors. It can be done by someone with any level of flexibility, all you will need is the space on the floor to extend your legs to the side.

Step 1. Begin by sitting with your right leg extended straight to the side, bending your left leg into your right knee.

Step 2. Stretch your left arm up over your head, and slide your right arm along the inside of your right leg.

Step 3. Reach your left arm towards your right foot until you feel a stretch.

Step 4. Allow gravity to pull you closer to that leg, and make space in your left side body.

Step 5. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat on the opposite side. 

Step 6. Repeat stretch on both sides when done.