Yoga Ball Shoulder Opener

Good for upper back and shoulder blades.

Good for upper back and shoulder blades.

Yoga Ball Shoulder Opener, Step-by-Step

Yoga Ball Shoulder Opener stretch demonstration

This stretch exercise is good for those with tight pec and chest muscles, from slouching or hunching forward. Many people hold tension in their chest without realizing it, and this stretch will release that tightness. For this exercise you will need a yoga ball, and space on the floor to sit.

Step 1. Begin by sitting straight up, with the yoga ball resting behind your back and your legs extended straight out along the ground.

Step 2. Place your arms behind your head, interlacing your fingers and reaching your elbows out.

Step 3. Slowly lean back onto the ball, until your head and upper back are resting against it.

Step 4. Allow your elbows to fall open until you feel the stretch across your chest.

Step 5. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds and repeat on the opposite side.