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New to KIKA Stretch?

The KIKA Method® is a gentle assisted stretching process that loosens up tight muscles freeing your body from pain and stress.

KIKA Method Benefits

The KIKA Method® has been nothing short of life-changing for many of our clients. Learn about the biggest benefits of The KIKA Method.

KIKA Stretch Sessions – Reopening Message

KIKA Manhattan Studio offers In Home Sessions – ideal for those who don’t want to leave home.

Benefits of Practicing KIKA Stretch at Our Studio

Eliminate Pain & Muscle Tension

We will help release the tension that’s been trapped inside of your body, and we will teach your body how to release and let go, which will help bring it back to a state of peace.

Increased Energy

Our sessions will help increase your blood flow, which will in return give you more energy. Enhanced circulation is a benefit of a Kika Stretch Session.

Enhanced Flexibility

The Kika Method is the dancers approach to assisted stretching that will help you experience what it’s like to have a body that is unrestricted and free of discomfort and pain. 

Stress Reduction

Take a deep breath and let it go. Our method follows your natural pattern of breath to help release the stress your body has been holding onto for years. 

Improve Posture and Relaxation

One of the first signs of aging is poor posture. We will gently stretch the tight muscles along the spine to help improve your posture and relax your entire body.

Increased Mental Clarity

We have a series of stretches that will help improve the blood flow to your brain, which will in turn offer you better mental clarity.

Stretch Session Plans

Certified Kika Stretch Instructor

All of our instructors are certified from a variety of backgrounds such as physical therapy, massage therapy, or yoga instruction.

Pain & Tension Release

The Kika Method has been built to release pain and tension from your body. Walk in feeling tired and tense, walk out feeling more youthful and energized.

Progress Measurement

We measure your Kika Stretch Age and track your results over time. Track your Stretch Age and see how well you are doing overtime.

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* Please check with your location studio to find out if in home sessions are offered.








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