The KIKA Method for Athletes

The KIKA Method for Athletes

"I would like give my recommendation. Every since I have started the KIKA Method, I have been able to recover much better after a full day teaching on the tennis court. I feel like I have more energy and my golf and tennis games have improved dramatically!!! I strongly recommend that you get started right away if you want to increase your flexibility and feel great."
- Bill Wing of Bill Wing Tennis Academy

Is your child complaining of being in pain? Do you think they might be experiencing growing pains? We can help!

The main reason our clients are stretching using The KIKA Method is because they want to maximize available movement with minimal internal restrictions from soft tissue. Essentially, stretching limbers up the muscles so energy is focused on completing a task, not fighting against the body.

If an athlete is too inflexible, there is risk of injury, less joint mobility and control, and inability to produce motion ideal for their particular sport.

Are You An Athlete Looking To:

  • Improve your game?
  • Prevent injury?
  • Take your sport to the next level?
  • Recover faster?
  • Be the best athlete you can be?

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