The KIKA Method for Men

"The KIKA Method makes exercise and recovery easier and more enjoyable."- Anthony Coppola

The Solution That Works for Men

The Solution That Works for Men

Are you a man who is looking for:

  • A program to help prepare your body for activity?
  • An alternative to yoga?
  • Faster recovery from workouts?
  • Decreased joint pain?
  • Enhanced flexibility to help slow down the natural aging process?


Are you beginning to realize that all the tension and stress that you've been holding is weighing you down from being the best you that you can be? Do you keep telling yourself that you don't have enough time to stretch? It's time to try a new program that will help you enhance your life and rid the body of the tension that's been weighing you down.

Stretching with The KIKA Method can help increase your strength.

Do you lift weights or are you looking to become stronger than before? Our coaches will help you expand your range of motion, which will transfer to your weightlifting. When you begin lifting weights with an expanded range of motion, more muscle fibers are recruited, thus making your muscles become stronger.

A free evaluation is included in your first session at Kika Stretch Studios in Upper Montclair, NJ.

Our Method helps you do the things that are impossible to do on your own.