The KIKA Method for Women

"The KIKA Method kept me strong and motivated for my half marathon this weekend. They are the reason I am still running around today. Thank you, Ladies."
-Catherine Glover

When was the last time you made time for yourself? Neglecting full use of your body's range of motion can cause serious long term side effects.

Self stretch requires effort in the form of muscle contractions in order to achieve its opposite muscle lengthening. Assisted stretching with The KIKA Method requires almost no effort on behalf of the person receiving the stretch, allowing them to fully relax and focus on feeling, positioning and depth of the stretch, providing feedback to their partner and deep breathing, making the stretch more effective.

We tap into your body more than you could ever do so on your own.

Are You a Woman Who is Looking For:

Are You a Woman Who is Looking For:

  • Stress relief?
  • Improved Range of Motion?
  • Neck and shoulder tension relief?
  • Enhanced appearance of youth ( Better Posture)?


A free evaluation is included in your first session.

Our method helps you do the things that are impossible to do on your own.


"For anyone who is thinking about kika stretch studios.... I had NO neck rotation when I started. Now I can turn my head much farther than I could before."
-Susan Gibson