Experience the Power of Letting go of Your Muscles

Are you sick of being left without a solution to that nagging discomfort you feel inside of your body? Do you sometimes feel stuck? Are you tired of generic programs not working for you? Do you wish someone could help bring your body back to neutral, back to a calm, stress free state? The answer is The KIKA Method. Here, we listen to your body.

The body benefits when the muscle groups are completely relaxed. The KIKA Method ™ will teach your body how to release and let go, while receiving a gentle, yet deep stretch.

We do not use intrusive bands or tables to add in the stretching, because the body will not truly feel relaxed.

You will receive a FREE Kika Stretch Age ™ Measurement before and after your first session. Most clients gain at least 2 1/2 inches of flexibility and tension relief. . What is your Kika Stretch Age™?

"I've had six sessions so far, and I float out of the studio each time. These skilled professionals take me through a hands-on individual stretching routine that is supportive and relaxing -- but also challenging. I feel more limber and 2 inches taller when I emerge!" - Elaine R.

If you have pain in a specific muscle group, our session will focus on releasing tension in that area, and elongating that muscle.

We customize each of your sessions, so that you get exactly what you want and need out of them.

We cater to professional athletes, seniors, adults and children.

What to Wear for Your Session: Loose fitting clothes, ie: gym clothes

One session can help erase years of stress, tension and immobility.