Lying Hamstring Stretch

Good for Flexibility and Stress Relieve

Good for Flexibility and Stress Relieve

Lying Hamstring Stretch, Step-By-Step

This stretch is ideal for those with very tight hamstrings, who cannot handle a forward fold or a single leg hamstring pull. This stretch will allow you to fully relax as your legs rest against the wall, gently stretching your hamstrings and making space in your lower back. This stretch can be done as many times a day as you see fit, for as long as your like. 

Step 1. Begin by finding a wall that you can rest your legs against.

Step 2. Lay on the floor and place both feet on the wall above you.

Step 3. Move closer to the wall slowly, trying to get the back of your legs to rest fully against the wall.

Step 4. Stop when you feel a stretch, and slowly move closer to the wall as you feel ready.

Step 5. Hold this position for 30-second intervals, moving closer as you see fit.