Life is short. Stretch it out.

Kika Stretch aka The Kika Method, is a form of passive assisted stretching that helps the body release tension that’s been trapped inside of the body for years.

Your body is extremely protective of itself. Stress is unnatural and can cause the muscles in your body to contract and get ‘locked’ in positions it’s not meant to.

The same thing can happen if you’re slouched in a chair all day at work, and your body compensates by contracting (tightening) its muscles to prevent injury.

These are natural defense mechanisms for your body.

Some other physical therapy methods can force your muscles to ‘relax’ instead of becoming tighter or injury-prone. You add to the stress within your muscles that’s already there!

With gentle, assisted stretching using The Kika Method, your body and its intricate muscle system are never forced and slowly and methodically – the muscles stretch, and the tension is released!

  • Maintain Youth – One of the number one signs of aging is your posture. As you get older, you start to slouch, and those tight muscles begin to pull on your spine. This causes pain and discomfort. The Kika Method will help stretch the muscles along your spine, so you can stand tall and maintain your youth for as long as possible.
  • Experience less stress – The Kika Method was developed to help override the body’s defense mechanism. Unlike other stretching methods, we teach the body how to endure the stretch, so life becomes a bit easier than before.
  • Deep Sleep – Many clients experience a deeper state of sleep after utilizing The Kika Method. We teach your body how to become limp and relaxed, so going to sleep becomes easier than before.
  • Back pain removal – Tense Muscles equal pain and discomfort. Our sessions help release the tight muscles along your spine, which helps ease back pain.

The Most Significant Benefits of The Kika Method Are

  • Noticeable stress reduction,
  • Elimination of pain, soreness, and general discomfort
  • Improved posture and an overall feeling of extreme relaxation
  • Increased energy

The Intake Process

Our trained staff will help you fill out a health form to learn about your basic health history. Once we get this information, we will customize your session based on your needs. We work based on goals and make it our job to help you reach them. We will customize a relaxing session for you whether you’re experiencing back pain, shoulder discomfort or neck pain, or stress. Let us know where you feel tense the most, and we will unlock your fullest potential.

Kika Stretch Age Measurement

Our proprietary system of stretching will monitor how old you are in stretch years. Your Kika Stretch age can differ significantly from your physical age. We will take your measurement before and after your session to measure your results. We offer measurable results that we will track over time.

The Session

We provide a private room for you to stretch in. The Kika method is based on the dancer’s approach to assisted stretching. Our coaches are trained to follow your breathing pattern, which helps guide you into a deeper stretch gently. Our coaches use a relaxing essential oil spray that helps release the tension from your body. The properties in our stretching spray have also been found to possess antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties. All of our studios follow the same proven system. You can expect to feel consistency at all of our Kika Stretch locations. Relax and release. We don’t use tables or straps during our sessions. We allow your body to relax on the comfort of our custom-made mats completely.


After your session, you can expect to feel relaxed, calm, and stress-free. We will go over your results and suggest the best Kika stretch session for you. Many clients feel results after one session. The recommended routine is one Kika stretch session per week to see and feel results.