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Personalized Sessions

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Certified stretch coaches dedicated to providing you with a revitalizing experience.

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Our Montclair studio is your haven for relaxation and tranquility.

Cutting-edge Flexibility Analysis

Utilize advanced technology to analyze and enhance your flexibility.

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Customized Package Deals
for Every Lifestyle

Flexible Stretch Pass

10 Sessions

(45 or 60 minutes each)
Use over 2 months; perfect for those who want an intensive stretch experience.
Maintenance Package

4 Sessions

(45 minutes each)
Ideal for consistent stretch routines.
Extended Stretch Package

4 Sessions

(60 minutes each)
Experience deeper stretches and longer holds.
Quick Stretch Boost

2 Sessions

(60 minutes each)
A quick way to experience the benefits of assisted stretching.
- Experience the Transformation - Client Testimonials

Listen to the stories of our clients and how Kika Stretch Studios in Montclair has positively influenced their daily lives.

John McMorrowJohn McMorrow
12:26 30 Apr 23
MaryKate was an incredible stretch trainer. She is extremely knowledgeable about the body muscle structure and focused on the health and ability of each client. I went in with the mobility of the TinMan and can now touch the ground with my knuckles. I can’t thank her enough for the expertise and hard-work in greatly improving my quality of life !
Robert O'BrienRobert O'Brien
12:14 15 Apr 23
Great 45 minute session. Felt very relaxed and was gradually led into stretches. Never felt any pain during this. Scheduled another one. I use this to help recover from rugby.
Roland Prestenback IIIRoland Prestenback III
16:48 18 Mar 23
Jadee is an amazing stretcher with lots of energy! Just what I need to get me through the week. I really enjoy stretching vs massages.
judith buchananjudith buchanan
16:01 09 Oct 22
I first visited Kika Stretch Studios - Montclair location in August & thoroughly enjoyed my free visit. I loved my session with Santiago, who provided great pressure & technique during stretches & I was amazed by how relaxed & energized I felt after the visit, that I immediately signed up for a package. Santiago is very patient, makes you feel relaxed & I’m amazed by how much my flexibility has improved. The tension, soreness, aches & stress around my neck/shoulder area is totally gone after repeated visits. After my sessions with Santiago I always leave the studio feeling refreshed & invigorated. Such a lovely, clean studio with soft music, lovely aromatherapy & the staff is so friendly & wonderful, from Jahde at the front desk to my coach Santiago. I highly highly recommend visiting Kika Stretch Studios! There is no greater investment than SELF - CARE !!!!!!
K.S. MouhterosK.S. Mouhteros
16:32 12 Sep 22
This experience was even better than I expected! I'm a former dancer, and have a pretty active lifestyle, but I knew that my muscles were tight and stress was manifesting as pain in several parts of my body. One session at Kika and I walked away relaxed, renewed and feeling better than I had in weeks! The therapist was phenomenal and the technique delivered lasting benefits (still feeling great more than 48 hours later). I can't wait to go back!

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