Say Goodbye to Muscle Pain, Tension, and Fatigue

Kika Stretch Studios – the most relaxing way to relieve tension and increase flexibility through gentle assisted stretching

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“It’s the Best Hour I spend during the week, John is great and always helps me feel my best.” - Stephenie

During your 60-minute one-on-one gentle assisted stretching session, a highly trained Kika Stretch therapist will help you personalize your experience providing more energy and relief than you’ve felt in years!

The Easiest Way to Relax Your Body and Mind

Revive your body and ease your mind. The Kika Method© is meant for anyone who wants to move and feel the natural way that you were designed to.

Eliminate Pain & Muscle Tension

By using your center of gravity, our coaches will slowly release problem areas causing you discomfort.

Improve Flexibility & Athletic Ability

No matter if you are an athlete or simply want a more functional body, Kika Stretch will help you to move the way you want.

Increase Relaxation and Energy

As your muscles loosen their grip, you’ll begin to feel a calm wave of relaxation take hold, considerably lowering stress.

What People Say About Us

” This is better than yoga or pilates, honestly I’m not fit enough to do all those things. I’m so happy I found this method it is right up my alley! This place is really for anyone, no matter you’re age, because its passive and the coaches assist you and really care about your well being. And I like that it is done on a mat on the floor. Highly recommend everyone to try! “

Timothy Nathan
Montclair, New Jersey

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