The Kika Method ® The Gentle Assisted Stretching Process that Dramatically Reduces Stress, Eliminates Pain, and Leaves You Feeling Energized!

Your muscles work hard for you so it's time you treat them right!

Relaxation isn't enough as the stress that can come from a workout or even sitting at a desk all day stores itself away deep in your muscles.

Your muscles contract as they have to work extra-hard to support you and your activities. That's when stress can turn to pain and stiffness.

The best way to get your muscles back into shape and free your body from the pain and stiffness is...

Assisted stretching at Kika Studios!

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, the Kika Method can help!:

- Achy muscles (especially neck, shoulders and other core muscles)
- Pain or Stiffness in joints and muscles
- Muscle cramps and limited range of motion

The KIKA Method ® is a gentle assisted stretching process that loosens up tight muscles freeing your body from pain and stress.

It's based on simple movement and stretching of your body by a highly trained Kika Method physical therapist.

Unlike some of the "high impact", forced movements used in other treatments, The Kika Method of assisted stretching and muscle relaxation is a slow and deliberate process that your whole body will love!

We work 'with' your body and its muscles to gently move and stretch them for easy release of the stress that's causing tension, pain, and discomfort.

We never force your muscles beyond what they can handle which is why The Kika Method is so extremely popular for all ages and at any stage of physical ability.

The Kika Method is all about gentle, passive stretching - Our Kika Method therapists use a gentle assisted stretch with only the natural force of gravity applied to your muscles without exceeding a comfortable range.

We never put you on tables (like a traction machine) or strap you down to stretch as many physical therapists do. The natural alignment of your body is better maintained while lying down on a comfortable mat, on the floor.

With assisted stretching, your body should be in a completely relaxed state. When your body is relaxed and gently stretched, the other benefits of pain reduction and elimination come naturally.



* Are you tired of feeling tired, sore, or stiff?
* Do you want a natural, drug and exercise-free way to reduce stress?
* Are you an athlete or weekend warrior looking for a way to prevent or recover quicker from injury?

The KIKA Method ® is for you!

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The KIKA Method®has been nothing short of life-changing for many of our clients.

The biggest benefits of The Kika Method are:
- Noticeable stress reduction,
- Elimination of pain, soreness, and general discomfort,
- Improved posture and an overall feeling of extreme relaxation,
- Increased energy.

Why Choose The KIKA Method®?

Your body is extremely protective of itself. Stress is unnatural and can cause the muscles in your body to contract and get 'locked' in positions it's not meant to.

The same thing can happen if you're slouched in a chair all day at work and your body compensates by contracting (tightening) its muscles to prevent injury.

These are natural defense mechanisms for your body.

Some other methods of physical therapy can try to force your muscles to 'relax' and instead, they become tighter or injury prone. You add to the stress within your muscles that's already there!

With gentle, assisted stretching using The Kika Method, your body and its intricate muscle system is never forced and slowly and methodically - the muscles stretch and the tension is released!

Other Benefits

As the stress and tension in our muscles starts to dissipate with the assisted stretching of The Kika Method, you will experience increased blood and oxygen flow throughout your body which can also lead to:

- Increased mental clarity,
- Tension free bodies,
- Enhanced flexibility, and
- Increased energy.

Your muscles can never truly relax while they're working. Our gentle assisted stretching method allows your body to relax and release unwanted tension that it may have been holding onto for years.

Isn't it time you tried The Kika Stretch Method?

Your body works hard for you.

Treat it right by letting the healing hands of our trained stretch coaches relieve the built-up stress within you.

SCHEDULE A SESSION TODAY to become the new and improved version of yourself!