Shoulder Opener

Good for Flexibility and Stress Relieve

Good for Athletes with built-up tension from training

Shoulder Opener Stretch, Step-By-Step

This stretch is ideal for those who exercise often or participate in a sport that uses the upper body frequently. It can be done by anyone to help relieve stress in the shoulders, and will especially help those with built-up tension from training. For this stretch, you will need a door frame to stand-in. This exercise can be done twice a day on each side.

Step 1. To do this modified Kika Stretch, get into the starting position by finding a doorway that you can use.

Step 2. You will stand in the middle of the doorway, in line with the frame. 

Step 3. Start with the right side by placing one arm at a ninety-degree angle upwards, resting your right hand against the frame of the door. 

Step 4. If this is not enough of a stretch, adjust your stance by shifting forward slightly until it feels adequate.

Step 5. Hold for the desired amount of time and then switch to the left side, beginning with your left hand.