Lying Spinal Twist

Good for Flexibility and Stress Relieve

Good for Flexibility and Stress Relieve

Lying Spinal Twist Stretch, Step-By-Step

Have you ever felt like your backhand doesn’t have the range it could? This may be because the muscles surrounding your spine are tense. This can affect your game more than you think, so it is important that you focus on releasing this tension. The spinal twist is a great back stretch, opening your lower back, upper back, upper body, and your chest. 

Step 1. Begin by lying on your back, with both legs extended straight out, and your arms out in a T for the starting position. 

Step 2. Pick your right leg up to a ninety degree angle, parallel to the ceiling and place your left hand on your right knee. 

Step 3. Slowly twist your right leg to the left side of your body, while turning your head to the right. 

Step 4. Make sure to stop when you feel a light stretch, and ease slowly into a deeper stretch.

Step 5. Allow gravity to pull your knee towards the floor, while keeping your right arm and both shoulders on the floor. 

Step 6. Hold until the spine has released and repeat on the opposite side.