Runners Lunge

Good for Flexibility and Stress Relieve

Good for Pain Relieve in Your Hips and Lower Back

Runners Lunge Stretch, Step-By-Step

Runners Lunge Stretch, Step-By-Step

This exercise is a good deep hip and quad stretch, for those more advanced stretchers or athletes. It is a great stretch to release tension in the hips and the front of the legs, but should only be executed by those who are flexible enough to stabilize themselves in the position. You do not need any equipment for this stretch, and it can be done once a day on each side.

Step 1. Begin by sitting up on both knees with your body facing forward.

Step 2. Step your right leg out in front of you, at a 90 degree angle and your knee over your heel.

Step 3. Place both hands on either side of your leg, palms flat on the ground, and your focus looking forward. 

Step 4. Straighten your left leg off the floor, pushing your back heel towards the wall behind you. Imagine your two heels reaching away from one another, in order to stretch the front of your leg and hip.

Step 5. Hold this position as long as desired and repeat on the opposite side.