Vinyasa Flow

Good to warm up your entire body.

Good to warm up your entire body

Vinyasa Flow, Step-By-Step

This is a fairly complicated series of dynamic stretches, but it can be done by anyone that is willing to learn the series. These exercises will warm up your entire body, from your arms, to your back, to your hamstrings and calves. All that is needed for this is a space large enough to lay down.

Step 1. Begin in a downward dog position, with your upper body at a diagonal to your feet. Your hands and feet are pressing into the floor, with your pelvis in the air, making a V shape.

Step 2. Press your pelvis down towards the floor, shifting your body into a plank position. Make sure that your shoulders are over your wrists.

Step 3. Bend your elbows, until your entire body is resting on the mat.

Step 4. Press down into your hands and straighten your arms, as you arch your back with your head looking up towards the ceiling. 

Step 5. From this, push back into the downward dog opening position.

Step 6. Repeat this series until you feel both warmed up and stretched out.