The Kika Stretch Difference

Do you wonder what makes the Kika stretching method very unique ? 

  1. First of all, because we follow the dancers’ approach to assisted stretching. We all know that the dancers are the most flexible people. 
  2. We also do not use tables or bands, we just use our hands to add the stretch. This helps provide a pain-free experience and also allows our clients to completely let go and relax on our custom mats.
  3. We use a proprietary system where our coaches follow your breath pattern to help add the stretch. This helps you have a fully customized experience. 
  4. We do all of our stretching in private rooms so you never have to worry about being surrounded by other people and you can look forward to the privacy of getting to know what flexibility and tension release feels like.
  5. We also measure your results using our Kika stretch age measuring system and we track your flexibility over time.

You are welcome to visit any of the Kika Stretch Studios so you can experience the Kika difference !

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